Monday, March 04, 2013


nephews, in my opinion, are simply lovely.

yes, there is that small reality that exists where you think "these are not my kids, so therefore i can allow them to do things or tolerate things that they do that may bug their parents."

but the larger reality is what a joy these little ones are BECAUSE you get them in little snippets. they don't keep you up at all hours of the night, they don't require much of you by way of changing diapers and doing laundry.  there is that.  but it's more.  nothing compares to my three year old nephew, who is EXTREMELY independent, reaching up to hold my hand not because he needs to, but because he wants to.  the adorable way he has been taught to say "excuse me, daddy" when my brother is talking to someone else.  and of course my brother always answers him when he's interrupting politely.

i love the way he notices and remembers everything.  many months ago we were in the van together, which required me to lean up from the backseat to be closer to him by the way, to search for tall towers and he still remembers this.  he also called my dog his best friend yesterday (mind you, the contractor visiting their house last week was his best friend) and he told his mommy that he missed me last night.  he (almost successfully) walked my dog and does give the very best hugs ever.  i love that he asks me to sit by him for dinner and i sort of love that i can still pick him up to show him the cupcakes in the display case....i know these types of moments are fleeting for sure.

the one year old nephew has been sick a lot lately, but his small personality is beginning to come through.  he's an observer.  he saves his smiles and reactions - for now - and is in the I Love Mommy the Most phase.  but he's cute and sweet and i can't wait for him to keep growing and changing.  and i'm pretty excited for when he starts talking.

in sum: i love my nephews.

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