Saturday, October 06, 2012

bad blogger loves fall.

let's just say it like it is: i'm a bad blogger.  and i'm excited that fall is upon us.  i don't have time currently to dilly-dally around on this blog with cute metaphors, posts about dresses i purchased (see below, that dreadful post was up at the top for FAR too long), or anything much. 

life is busy.  it is for E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E - and i'm no different from anyone else on this.  but i'll say that relative to any other busy phase of my life, this one tops the charts.  I commute 2 hours to and from work a couple of times a week, i take 3 graduate courses, i have an internship for masters program requirement (LAME, but a good experience), and have a really really really full-time+ job.  it's just a lot. 

but there are good things.  like impromptu visits to see 2 nephews on saturday afternoon when work ends.  there are new things that are fresh and growing and in the works and old things that are still old things.  current to-do lists like crazy.  and i feel like the ball will drop at any moment on something; i'm truly juggling.

but..... i'm surviving.  i'm relatively calm and peaceful MOST of the time.  i know that this season/semester that i dreaded for so long is about halfway over and I'm. Doing. This.  there were times this summer where i almost had myself talked into quitting something or prolonging my degree for an extra semester, but in the end i just wanted to plow through.  knowing that people can do anything for a season and many people suffer through much worse.  all of my stuff is easy compared to what some others are facing through. 

so, life is full.  and mostly of good things.  and, as noted in the title, I Love Fall.  there's not much else to say - perfect temperatures, leaves becoming more beautiful as they are dying for the season, plans coming up that are small and not that exciting but good. 

and i just liked the quote at the top.  so i wanted to post it here so i would keep it.  it was a pinterest find, of course, and i do still love The Pinterest.  i think i've pinned 1 million worth of calories in "recipes i'd like to try out" so now i just need to find the time to try them out.  but fall does make me want to "nest" more and get ready to snuggle in for the winter.  funny, seeing as how i live in Virginia. 

and that is this month's version of your very ADHD-scattered-random Trophy Life post. 

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